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We are Hay + Beno.


Husband and wife.

Ma + Pa to baby Oakah + furbabies Zeus + Lo.

We are based in Cheshire, but love to travel.


Beno is the guy with the goods.

With over 8 years industry experience,

maaad camera skills, an eye for all things boss - he's the one you want front and centre during your magic moments. 

Cinematographer, photographer, drone operator, all round pro at everything -

he is the one you'd direct all your technical questions to!

Hay is the hype girl you didn't realise

you needed.

She knows how to get the best shots, creative direction is her thing and when needed jumps in as second shooter for Beno.

She's also the one you'll probably chat to on instagram, chew your ear off over an email booking and spend days drooling over your images / footage making selects and editing your films!


"We've been in the rain.

We've been on a mountain.

We've been round a fire.

We stood by the ocean.

Turned our hearts into one."


We've also been there, done the wedding thing, felt the stress but got the memories. 

We know all too well how potentially stressful weddings can be.

And also how fast the build up + big day fly by without a moment to breathe.

That's where we come in. We capture the memories for you. So in your own time,

you can relive the magical moments over and over (and over) again...