We are Hay + Beno, Zeus + Lo.

A wood working, film making family based in Cheshire,

who love to travel and make stuff.

"We've been in the rain.

We've been on a mountain.

We've been round a fire.

We stood by the ocean.

Turned our hearts into one."

We've also been there, done the wedding thing, felt the stress but got the memories. 

We know all too well how potentially stressful weddings can be.

And also how fast the build up + big day fly by without a moment to breathe.

That's where we come in. We capture the memories for you. So in your own time,

you can relive the magical moments over and over (and over) again... 

With professional backgrounds in design and videography, making boss films is what we do - let us capture your day even better than you remembered it. 


OMG - Just no words...

We are just speechless, our film is

absolutely faultless. Couldn't have

asked for a better team!


We've just watched our wedding film... it is amazing! I love how our special soundtrack is playing, I cannot stop watching it.


Wow. We're obsessed.

Love reliving our day through this

amazing film. I honestly watch it

once a week now!


Absolutely amazing guys, a proper emotional watch. Brought back so many happy memories. We are over the moon!

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